Real Estate in Bodrum FAQ

We work with a network of more than 200 realtors in Bodrum, Turkey. When you send your inquiry, we search for the best possible property at a reasonable price. Instead of listing a limited number of homes, we run extensive research in the area.

The houses we offer always have an excellent price-to-value ratio, and good opportunities don’t stay on the market for too long. These dynamic market conditions make maintaining the property list impossible.

However, due to high demand, we are planning to add some sample listings to our website in the future.

Our agency offers a wide range of services, including buying and selling of residential and commercial properties, property management, and rental services.

Buying and selling real estate commissions are fixed at 4% in Turkey. Buyer and seller split this commission equally as 2% from the seller and 2%from the buyer.

The value of the property registration and transfer tax is 4% of the property price paid only once

(Usually distributed equally between the seller and the buyer)

After completing all official transactions and receiving the property title deed from the Land Department and Land Registry in the city in which the purchase was made in Turkey, it is possible to apply for a real estate residence permit for all family members (meaning family members here: father, mother, wife or husband and children from different Ages) The Public Security Directorate in the same city has a requirement that all people come to Turkey in person when applying. This permit authorizes the property owner to live and move in Turkey and enter and exit Turkey. With this residence permit, he can open a company in Turkey and learn the Turkish language in a language school.

As for practicing a certain profession under the framework of obtaining a job in the private sector, it is necessary to review the Ministry of Labor in the capital. Ankara to obtain a work permit.

Yes, a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship in several ways, including buying a property in Turkey, provided that the purchase of the property is after the date 12/1/2017

But the value of the property must be slightly greater than the value specified in the executive regulations in order for the procedures for applying for Turkish citizenship to proceed properly.

Currently, the minimum house value you can apply for citizenship is $250.000.

We work with a network of realtors in Bodrum. We have more than 200 realtors and hundreds of properties.

Instead of a few properties listed, we always find you the best possible option in a very dynamic real estate market.

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